"50 is the New 30": Former Bloomberg Reporter Mark Hughes, 56, Crushing it in the Gym, Bedroom and at Work on New Ginseng Health Regime

Veteran correspondent in Thailand takes #1 best-selling ginseng supplement on Amazon.com for a test-drive and is not left disappointed…

A Letter by Mark Hughes, September 15, 2016

Hey Friend,

Seeing my wedding photos, one attached, I realized 4 months ago I was the classic overweight, middle-aged Westerner marrying a younger, petite Asian.

What that photo shows is a 56-year-old man (me) struggling to stay awake at his own wedding, a man whose life was full of frustration and pain.

I’d moved to Thailand, met the girl of my dreams, and taken a semi-retirement position at The Bangkok Post.

But the stress of adjusting to an exotic new culture, language and job left me feeling permanently fatigued.

After 39 years in journalism and stints at Bloomberg and the BBC, I was spent. To make it worse I had a bad knee, making exercise hard.

Every day I woke up full of aches and pains, literally dreading the day ahead, with all the consequent rage and frustration.

Then a funny thing happened a few months back while I was waiting for my flight at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

I was going to Phuket Island to write a story about a new health resort when I bumped into an old newspaper buddy from China. We swapped war stories. I told him my troubles.

Then he threw me a little black box and made me a bet.

If I didn't get more health benefits out of what was inside that box than from my 5-day, $2,000 stay at this luxury health resort, with all its newfangled detox programs, spas and health treatments - he would pay for me to stay there for 5 days more.

Full disclosure: his friends had started a company in Seoul. Their product, Auragin, is now the #1 best-selling ginseng on Amazon.com. And yes - it comes in a little black box.

50 is the new 30:

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First of all I did some research and found that:

  • People in Asia have been taking ginseng for over 3,000 years
  • Chinese emperors have sworn by it (and we know how many concubines they had to satisfy)
  • Korean warriors used to take it with them into battle
  • For over 20 years it's been one of America's most popular herbs
  • Many athletes and modern-day Olympians use it to gain a natural edge without breaking strict doping rules
Korean diplomatic missions included medical experts who would trade medical knowledge with Japan

What swayed me to take the plunge was:

  • This is one of the healthiest, safest ways to turn your life around
  • Auragin is Korean red ginseng, i.e. the best. This works on many levels: boosting your immune system, increasing your blood flow, controlling the stress hormone cortisol, and more
  • I trust my friend’s opinion (and I wanted to win that bet, even though I didn't)
  • The company’s bulletproof 1-year money-back guarantee

Fast forward 2 months and...

Here I am: a better, sexier hunk of a man for it. You need to take this stuff daily, mind you, and give it 6-8 weeks to fully kick in. But some of the effects are immediate.

What I can tell you is I now hit the gym or pool 5 or 6 days a week (yes, we have the luxury of apartment pools here in hot, steamy Bangkok).

I haven’t had a cup of coffee in 2 months. I’ve got the anxiety under control. And those fireworks that were fizzling out in the bedroom?

Well, they’re lighting up the ceiling again.

What I can honestly say is that 50 is the new 30 if you get on this program, and here’s why:

  • It gives me mental and physical energy
  • It enhances my mood, so stress is more manageable
  • It boosts my immune system so I’m overall healthier

I actually look forward to the gym now because my physical and mental improvement was so drastic!

My alertness has intensified. My desire and ability to work out has risen MASSIVELY.

And I’m convinced this brand of Korean red ginseng is the reason why, because its first port of call is my brain and then my body.

The thing is, I’ve used these bitter, brownish pills (which I now enjoy sucking like candy) as a catalyst to work out. I’ve taken the extra energy they deliver and reinvested it – in myself.

When I took 3 pills a day, the effects were subtle but strong (if that makes sense). But when I combined them with light exercise and a slightly healthier diet, they were "life-recharging".

I had a medical recently and my metabolic age was younger by several years. At the same time, my metabolic rate was higher, so I was still burning calories quicker even days after I’d worked out.

And I put that down to these pills.

50 is the new 30:

Grab this Once-in-a-Lifetime Auragin Discount... for the next 72 hours only! (Discount Code: AURA5030)

I'm now:

  • Exercising for longer, with fewer rest periods
  • Using heavier weights
  • Cycling at a harder rate, and much further
  • Not taking naps during the day, (I don't need to)

Not bad for a man who turns 57 on October 6!

The problem is not all ginseng brands are reliable. In fact, most aren't. My B.S. detector went off when I read the following report:

The New York State attorney general’s office found last year that 4 in 5 supplements from top brands at Walmart, Walgreens, Target and GNC contained none of the herbs on their labels.

Sadly, that’s not a typo: "None." Zero. Zilch.

Auragin, by contrast, is 100% pure ginseng.


I also like how the company’s co-founders, Chris Chung (a Korean-American) and James Duffy are based in Seoul, Korea - not far from their farms.

Then I read through the product reviews online (83% of the 539 reviews of Auragin on Amazon are 4 stars or higher).

The first one that caught my eye was titled: "the real thing in a field of fakes."

Moreover, Auragin seems to tick all the right boxes:

  • 6-year roots (the perfect growing time)
  • 100% pure ginseng (you can smell and taste it, just like they claim)
  • A high ginsenoside content of 8% (ginsenosides are the tiny compounds believed responsible for ginseng’s health benefits)
  • They use the whole root (different ginsenosides may bestow different health benefits, and there are over 100 of them in each root)
  • The bottle is tiny and slips easily into your pocket

I now get up looking forward to the challenges life will offer, rather than the hurt it will cause. I feel rejuvenated, like the active young man I was, and not at all worried about the consequences of a busy and physically challenging day.

In short, I’m happier and getting more out of my life. I sleep better and don’t feel sluggish when I wake. Quite the opposite: I’m raring to go.

And I doubt any of that would have been possible without this marvelous discovery I made.

I've got some more good news for you - well, some of you.

Because Auragin holds so much promise for older adults, the company wants to give us first dibs. So for the next 72 hours only, and if you are over 40, you can enjoy 20% off your first purchase by clicking the link below.

What do you have to lose? It's risk-free. And if you're anything like me, you will consider it some of the best money you've ever spent. 

Yours Smugly,

P.S. Remember to act fast if you want to save those bucks. Grab 20% off in the next 72 hours - but only if you are 40 or older! 

50 is the new 30:

Grab this Once-in-a-Lifetime Auragin Discount... for the next 72 hours only! (Discount Code: AURA5030)

P.P.S. The money-back guarantee is good for 1 year from the date of purchase. If you're not satisfied, they will issue a full and prompt refund. No questions asked. Better yet, you don't even have to return the empty bottle.

50 is the new 30:

Grab this Once-in-a-Lifetime Auragin Discount... for the next 72 hours only! (Discount Code: AURA5030)